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Sampler Classes

Come try out a dynamite “Sampler Class” to explore new dance styles in a super fun and engaging environment.

See Specific Session Dates and Times Below

Age 2-3

Creative Movement

6 week summer sampler to capture the imagination through storytelling, music and props!

Wednesday Session: July 5 – Aug 9 @ 5:00 – 5:30pm

Thursday Session: July 6 – Aug 10 @ 10:00 – 10:30am

Tuition: $84 

Ages 3-4


6 week summer sampler to capture the imagination while exploring the basics of pre-ballet and tap rhythms!

Wednesday Session: July 5 – Aug 9 @ 5:30 – 6:15pm

Thursday Session: July 6 – Aug 10 @ 10:30 – 11:15am


Tuition: $90

Ages 5-7

Hip Hoppers

4 week summer sampler to explore high energy rhythms and precision movements through age appropriate hip hop music!

Wednesday Session: July 5-26

5:15 – 6:00pm

Tuition: $64 


4 week summer sampler to explore the basics of ballet and tap rhythms in an imaginative and engaging way!

Wednesday Session: July 5-26

6:15 – 7:00pm

Tuition:  $64 


Discover your inner acrobat through this 4 week summer sampler while exploring basic tumbling, stretches and strengthening exercises in a high energy environment using props and equipment!

Wednesday Session: July 5-26


Tuition:  $64 

Ages 8-11

Precision Dance Team

An exciting 4 week course to explore what it’s like to be on a team.  Dancers will learn a precision Hip Hop inspired pom routine and have a performance at the end of the last class!  Dancers will receive a pair of poms to take home and will have access to the studio costume closet for performance.

Tuesday Session: July 11 – Aug 1

6:00 – 7:00pm

Tuition:  $92 

Ballet/Jazz/Tap- Combo

4 week summer sampler to learn basics of ballet, jazz, and tap with a focus on rhythm, footwork, jumps and turns!

Tuesday Session: July 11 – Aug 1

5:00 – 6:00pm

Tuition:  $72 


4 week summer sampler to explore the use of emotion  & fluid movement to popular music.  Previous ballet or jazz experience recommended.

Wednesday Session: July 5 – 26

6:00 – 7:00pm

Tuition:  $72 

Acro Lab

4 week summer sampler with a focus on learning specific skills including bridge work, acro handstands, cartwheels, somersault variations and strengthening basics.

Wednesday Session: July 5 – 26  

7:00 – 8:00pm

Tuition: $72 

Challenge Classes

Stay strong all Summer! Advance your technique, flexibility and strength while focusing on individual goals in these challenging classes.

See Specific Dates & Times Available Below

Weekly Specialty Classes

Targeted sessions will increase skill and strengthen technique through different dance styles. 

Stretching & Conditioning

Enhance your flexibility and strength by targeting specific muscle groups used in dance as well as learning about injury prevention and safe stretching.

 Dates: July 18 & Aug 1st (Tues)                     

Time: 4:00 – 5:00pm                    

Jazz/Tap (12+years)

Jazz and Tap technique for beginning to intermediate I level students. 

Dates: July 11, 18, 25 & Aug 1st (Tues)             

Time: 5:00 – 6:00pm 

Acro for Competition Dancers

Targeted training for the Intermediate to Advanced dancer who has already mastered basic acro-dance elements such as bridges, cartwheels and handstands. 

Course will cover strength training and spotting for aerials, walkovers, handsprings, tinsicas and backwards roll variations.

Dates: July 5, 12, 19, 26 (Wed)             

Time: 8:00 – 9:00pm

PBT (Progressing Ballet Technique)

Activate, tone, and stretch using ballet based exercises.  With the help of training equipment, you will strengthen your balance, flexibility, and muscle control.  

Dates: July 11, 25 (Tues)                          

Time: 4:00 – 5:00pm

Contemporary/Lyrical (12+years)

Curriculum alternates between contemporary and lyrical dance styles while learning expression through new connected ideas and fluid movements. 

Dates: July 11, 18, 25 & Aug 1st (Tues)             

Time: 6:00 – 7:00pm 

Ballet Variation (Int-Adv)

Dancers will put their ballet skills to the test by learning and performing a variation in this 2 hour class. Whether dancing en pointe, or in flat ballet shoes, Dancers will learn, work through corrections, and then have the chance to perform and film their variation.

Dates: July 11, 25 (Tues)                          

Time: 7:00 – 9:00pm


1 Variation- $50 
2 Variation Package-  $80 


  • One 4-week course: $72
  • Each additional: $68  


  • $18/60 min class

Dance Company Series Classes (Ages 7 to 18)

4 weeks: July 6, 13, 20, 27

This four-week series will consist of targeted technical training for competition dancers. These intensive training sessions will keep dancers conditioned and technically sharp while working towards a higher skill set for the new competitive season ahead.  Competitive dancers should attend as many sessions as they are able!

Mini Co.Technique Labs (8-10yrs)

Thursday Block – 4:30 – 7:15pm

Junior Co. Technique Labs (10-13yrs)

Thursday Block – 4:30 – 7:15pm

Teen Co.Technique Labs (12-18yrs)

Thursday Block – 6:30 – 9:15pm


Weekly Curriculum

Week 1 – TBA

Week 2 – TBA

Week 3 – TBA

Week 4 – TBA


Before June 10:

  • 1 Block = $40
  • 2 Blocks = $80
  • 3 Blocks = $120
  • 4 Blocks = $160

After June 10:

  • Add $10


  • $18/Hr 


Increase your love of the movement arts through different styles and techniques in our intensive sessions for the more passionate dancer.

Multi-day sessions

Multi-Day Intensive Classes (Ages 8-adult)

Creative Composition

Company dancers will learn the elements of creating a unique artistic vision through music, time and space in this DDANW original intensive.  An amazing tool for a budding choreographer or an instructor who would like to increase their skill level as a choreographer.  Each student will choreograph an original piece (with guidance from choreographers) throughout the course and have an opportunity to perform at our 2023 Fall Moving Arts Show.

Date/Time: July 17-20

Tuition: $180 

Illumination Summer Blitz

Intensive coaching for the Illumination Dance Company competitive teams!  We will train, condition and inspire.  The Blitz is required for all company dancers, as we will be learning team competition choreography.

Date: Aug 14-18

Tuition: $300 before June 10, $325 after June 10.

Mini & Junior Companies: 8am – 2pm (bring lunch)

Teen Company: 3 – 9pm (bring dinner)

On Broadway

Multi-day musical theater  triple threat training! Take a deep dive into musical theater dance, vocals and round it out with learning how to elevate your performance quality. Parents, ready your cameras for the performance (complete with costumes) at the end of the last day! Ages 8+

Date/Time: Aug 7-10

Tuition: $180 

Dance Team Camp

Multi-day immersive “team” experience will focus on teamwork and precision skills!  Dancers will be coached in  jazz, hip hop and lyrical…perfect for our incoming Sparks and Flames Accelerated dance students! Parents, ready your cameras for the performance (complete with costumes) at the end of the last day! Ages 8-16 

Date/Time: July 24-27

Tuition: $180 

Summer Camps

Themed camps geared to inspire the imagination, make friendships & learn new skills. 

1 to 4 days

1 Day Camps (Ages 3-6)

1-Day Creative Camp! Learn a dance, do a craft and perform for your family!

July 7

1-Day Creative Camp! Learn a dance, do a craft and perform for your family!

July 14

1-Day Creative Camp! Learn a dance, do a craft and perform for your family!

August 4

1-Day Creative Camp! Learn a dance, do a craft and perform for your family!

August 11

Tuition: 1 Day Creative Camps (ages 3-6)

Tuition for 1-Day Creative Camps:

$25/Camp Per Day OR Bundle & SAVE 4/$80

3 Day Camp (Ages 3-6)

3-Day Dance with Disney Camp! Dance to your favorite Disney hits, create Disney themed crafts, enjoy snacks and daily themed decor. 10 minutes prior to pick-up on the 3rd day, dancers will have an opportunity to perform for family and friends!  Have your cameras ready!

June 27-29

Tuition: $155

4 Day Camp (Ages 7-10)

4-Day Dance Descendants Camp! Groove along to your favorite Descendents songs, learn fun routines in  hip hop, jazz and contemporary dance styles, play games, and meet new friends at our Dance Descendents camp!

June 26 – June 29

Tuition: $180

Summer Workshops

One to two hour intensive workshop classes. 

specified dates

1 Day Workshops (Great Value)


Thursday, Aug 3rd

6:30-8:30pm – 11+yrs

Explore ballroom styles and weight sharing with a partner. If possible, please bring a partner!  This workshop is for all levels.

Tuition $15 drop in

Aerials Workshop

July 7, July 14, Aug 4, Aug 11


Coaching for students who want to achieve side aerials over the summer.  Dancers must have clean, straight legged one-handed cartwheels and well-lifted arabesque jumps from one foot.

Tuition $15 drop in


Monday, July 24

6:30-7:30pm – 8-11yrs

7:30-8:30pm – 12+ yrs

A  SUPER FUN, high energy pop-culture Indian dance style that will challenge coordination, stamina & rhythm.

Tuition $15 drop in

Register for Summer

Use our registration form below to reserve your spot in our summer session.

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Liability Release Form

Every dancer must have a current, signed Liability Release & Policies/Procedures Agreement forms on file at the studio prior to using the DDANW facilities.

Print & bring your completed form to the front desk, prior to your first class.

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