Student Event Calendar & Studio Closures 2019/20

Dancer Events/Studio Closures

August 2019 - June 2020

Accelerated Dancer/ Illumination Dance Company Events

July 26

Camas Days Parade Rehearsal



July 27

Camas Days Parade



Aug 19-23

Summer Blitz



Aug 24

Tag Day Fundraiser



Sep 6-7

Moving Arts Photo shoot



Oct 19, 6 & 8pm shows

Moving Arts Show



Oct 26

Washougal Harvest Fest Thriller Flash mob



Dec 5

Lighted Holiday Parade



Dec 18-21

Winter Show Week



March 5-8

Disney Tour



March 13-15

Hollywood Connection

IDC Only


April 17-19

Groove Competition

IDC Only


May 1-3

Onstage NY Competition

IDC Only


June 15-20

End of Season Showcase Week

All Students

Stage Rehearsals/Performances

Studio Closures

Nov 11

Veterans Day

All Students


Nov 27-30


All Students


Dec 23-Jan 3

Winter Break

All Students


March 30-April 3

Spring Break

All Students


May 25

Memorial Day

All Students



Camas Days & Washougal Lighted Holiday Parades

Experience a high energy, fun, full-costume parade with choreography while representing DDANW in the community!  Please see the drop-down tab below for all the details, including themes, rehearsal days and parade performance details. 

Camas Days Parade

  • July 27, 2019 (Saturday)
  • 10:00am Dancers arrive for line-up
  • 11:00am Parade Begins

In-Studio Rehearsal

  • July 26, 2019 (Friday)
  • 1:00-4:00pm
  • A portion of this rehearsal will be outdoors so please bring your white canvas tennis shoes with you.


  • Candy Land
  • Costumes should consist of bright colors (Candy-like).  Feel free to incorporate candy-themed ideas into your costume pieces…i.e., big bows, tutus, shiny or sparkly pieces, special necklaces or accessories, etc.
  • White, Low-Top Canvas Tennis Shoes  (like Keds)
  • Socks must be no-show or footies in solid white (no patterns)
  • Hair up in either ponytail or ponytails….the bigger the better for parade (feel free to curl or rat that pony and make it huge
  • Bright, full make-up please!


Washougal Lighted Holiday Parade

  • December 5, 2019 (Thursday)
  •  Line up @ 5:45pm
  • 6:00pm Parade Begins


  • Each dancer must be lit in order to participate. (Lighted necklaces, headbands, tutus, etc….obviously battery operated w/ small battery packs if you must use battery packs).  Please no glow stick necklaces.  They don’t stay on very well and they leave little rubber pieces lying around in the streets. 
  • Our color palette is white, off-white, light pastels (Snow bunny look). Please do not wear hot pink, flashy bright colors, black etc.   This is helpful so that we can see all the lights and our dancers have a “glow” effect.
  • Hats, scarves, gloves, are all acceptable and also (weather dependent) can make or break a dancer’s experience and comfortability.  
  • Shoes should be black tennis shoes.  (Please no dirty, worn-out shoes.  Remember that this is also a performance and we would like to maintain that a performance that is entertaining as well as pleasing on all accounts). 
  • Hair and Make-up is up to the dancers, but should not be a deterrence from their performance.  Make-up does not need to be full stage make-up. 


Fundraisers are offered to Dancers for help in alleviating some of the costs for Accelerated/IDC Performing Arts Education. Utilizing these opportunities to the fullest will significantly decrease costs for specialty events.  Please see the drop-down tab below for details about each fundraiser offered.  Note: Moving Arts Show Photo Shoot and All Winter Show-related events are mandatory for Accelerated and IDC dancers. 

  • Tag Day Fundraiser

Dancers will travel in groups to specified neighborhoods and “perform” their way through neighborhoods accepting donations for performing arts education in Washougal area.

  • August 24, 10:00am-2:30pm
  • Meet at DDANW @ 10am
  • We need at least 8 adult drivers who have larger vehicles for 4-7 dancers.  Please send an email to if you are available to drive.
  • Theme is “Nicest Kids in Town” costumes should be 1960’s mid length skirts/dresses and bright colors with ponytails and bouffants. Wear make-up.
  • Meet back at DDANW @ 1:30pm for Tag Day Party!
Moving Arts Show Fundraiser

Each ticket to our exclusive DDANW “Date night” is sold for $50 per couple. From each set of tickets, $30 will be allotted for fundraising. The extra profits will be allotted towards costuming and props for our Winter Show fundraiser, with any additional going toward our scholarship program.

  • September 6  – Moving Arts Photo Shoot  @ 3:00-8:00pm (Reserve your time) First come, first served
  • September 7 – Moving Arts Photo Shoot  10:00am-2:00pm & 3:00-8:00pm (Reserve your time) First come, first served
    • Dancers will have approx. 15 min maximum and a total of 2 different poses.  The session should be an artistic expression of an individual idea, concept, or theme that suits the dancer. Costuming should be modest and tasteful.  Any props must be rehearsed with prior to photo shoot.  Please let us know if your props will require clean-up time. Parents must wait in the lobby.
  •  October 19 – Moving Arts Show (2 showings, 6 & 8pm)
    • Live Performances (Dancers by audition only; dances must be high quality for close-up viewing)
    • Ballroom Dance Lesson
    • Moving Arts Photo Gallery 
    • Dessert/Appetizers/Drinks Bar


Program Ads/Corporate Sponsors for Winter Show

Program Ads are a great way to raise funds without a lot of effort.  Ads are eligible for fundraising after printing expenses are paid.   See our non-profit page for program ad form and sponsorship info to send out to your contacts!  

  • Share our program ad form with local businesses or acquire a personal ad for a performer 
  • Make sure to follow up with your contacts!  Ads are due no later than November 15th, 2019.


Annual Princess Tea and Winter Show Fundraiser

Each ticket sold for the Princess Tea portion of the fundraiser will be allotted for fundraising (after expenses are deducted). Half of each winter show ticket sold in our pre-sale will be allotted for fundraising. Current DDANW clients (not related to Accl/IDC Dancer) who purchase tickets are not eligible patrons for the fundraiser.  

  • December 20 & 21 – Princess Tea and 3 Shows
  •  See “Accelerated Company Productions” below for rehearsal/performance details. 

Accelerated Company Productions

Annual Princess Tea & Winter Show December 20-21  (3 Shows) @ WHS

Our DDANW Annual Princess Tea and Winter Show is a MUST ATTEND event for families with children of all ages! Benefiting our Accelerated Dance Program Dancers, the show is a perfect way to leap into the Spirit of the Holidays!  MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the performing arts education of passionate, hard-working, young artists by supporting this amazing event that has become a staple in our community during the holiday season!  Please see the drop-down tab below for student details.

Tickets go on Sale

  • November 4th

In-Studio & Stage Rehearsals for all Accelerated Dancers

  • Opener/Closer Rehearsals @ DDANW TBA (stay tuned)
  • December 18th & 19th, 4:30-8:30pm
  • December 20th, 4pm (prior to show)


  • December 20th, 7pm
  • December 21st, 12pm & 6pm

Princess Tea

  • December 21st, 10:30am

Disney Tour

Dancers will be exposed to professional level workshops, accelerated performing arts training from industry professionals, and an opportunity to perform on an international stage.   We will also visit Huntington Beach, home of Orange County Song & Dance where our dancers will participate in exclusive sessions with renowned choreographers from the Los Angeles area.  In 2018, we were happy to workshop with the incredible Stacie Craig, a celebrated, award-winning choreographer and producer.  DDANW students were also fortunate to work with musical theatre legend and award-winning choreographer, Roger Castellano… just a glimpse of the experiences that DDANW dancers have to look forward to on tour!  Please see the drop-down tab below for student details.

Frequently Asked Questions (Video)

Disney Tour Dates

  • March 5-8, 2020

Rehearsal Schedule

  • February 29, 2020
  • March 4, 2020

Pack Check

  • March 4, 2020

Payment Dates

  • September 10
  • November 10
  • December 10
  • January 10


For IDC Dancers Only


DDANW Student Showcase (Recital)

All Studio Recital Week –  June 15-20 @ WHS

Our Annual All-Studio Recital is the most exciting week of our year as studio dancers!  Ages 3 and up will have the opportunity to perform in one or more of our themed shows.  DDANW has a rich history of packed houses!  Our brilliant choreographers create stunning masterpieces for maximum audience entertainment as well as emotional, artistic connection at many different levels of dance and performance that span the age groups.