In the event of inclement weather that affects the driving conditions for a  majority of our dancers or instructors, the studio will close and reopen when driving conditions are safe.  An email will be sent to all enrolled students regarding any such closure.

However, if inclement weather affects only a small portion of our students, the studio will remain open for those that are easily able to make it to classes.

If driving conditions are unsafe for you,  please call the office to help in keeping us informed.


  • 360-521-2763 MOBILE  OFFICE
  • 360-210-5981 WASHOUGAL OFFICE


As a side note, if public schools are closed due to snow or ice, that doesn’t necessarily mean that we will automatically close as well.  We instruct dancers from all over Clark County who may not be affected by inclement weather.  We are not a public school, therefore the final decision of a snow day rests with the owners of Dayley Dance Academy in the best interest of the majority of the students.