Pointe Curriculum

Offered for Ages 12 -18+

The Pointe curriculum-based program is designed for the Pre-Professional dance student.  Pointe work requires a tremendous amount of strength in feet, ankles, turnout, posture, balance, as well as a high level of  ballet technique for each graduated level of  the Pre-Professional Program.  Pointe students will learn the importance of flexibility, conditioning and proper carriage as they explore classical variations and classical or contemporary Pointe choreography for each level of Pointe work.  Students are tested once yearly to determine placement within the Pointe portion of our Pre-Professional Program.  Dancers will inherit a wide French vocabulary as they utilize proper ballet terminology.

Classes Available

Pre-Professional Program

Pre-Pointe to Advanced

Studio Technique & Performance

Teen Ballet III/Pre-Pointe

Unique Performance Opportunities

Pre-Professional Pointe Program performs at Early Spring Show  and June Showcase

Class Schedule

2018-2019 Academic Year
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