Jazz Curriculum

Ages 5 -18+

The Jazz curriculum is based on classical and modern jazz dance technique, focusing on flexibility, rhythm, extension, balance, speed, and strong movement, preparing students for a lifetime of dancing.

We follow the typical jazz class format of building strength, balance and extension through isolations, rhythmic exercises, floor stretches, across the floor patterns, and dance combinations. The class format remains the same through the different levels, while the movements continue to increase in complexity as students grow technically and physically. Strong stage presence and performance quality are also strongly emphasized.

Classes Available

Studio Technique & Performance Program

Jazz/Tap Combo Classes – (Ages 5-12)

Teen Jazz – (Ages 12-18+)

Pre-Professional Program 

Preparatory Jazz (Ages 7-10 – Embers)

Primary Jazz (Ages 10-13 – NuLights)

Intermediate I/II Jazz (Ages 11-18 – Flames/Luminaries)

Advanced Jazz (Ages 14+ – Novas)

Unique Performance Opportunities

Studio Technique & Performance Jazz classes are invited to perform at our June showcase.

Pre-Professional jazz classes are part of our performance teams that appear at many community events, including exhibitions at local dance competitions, Disney performances, late winter, early spring shows and multiple performances at our June showcase.

Class Schedule

2018-2019 Academic Year
  • No Classes.