Ballet Curriculum

Ages 2 -18+

Ballet for Young Dancers

Pre-Ballet is a creative movement class with a ballet emphasis. Classes are designed to encourage students to explore the elements of dance with a focus towards ballet in a fun and nurturing environment while setting the stage for future training.

Basic Ballet(Ages 5-7 yrs) is an exciting introduction to classical ballet techniques. Boys and girls gain an awareness to ballet basics through a creative process that allows each student to experience their passion for dance. Activities vary weekly and focus on developing fundamental motor skills, strength, rhythm and coordination. In a creative setting, children learn self expression, self discipline and respect for others.

Ballet for Technique & Performance Program

Ballet Levels I-III(Ages 8-18+) in our studio technique and performance classes is the progression of learning the fundamentals of classical ballet technique building to levels of advanced beginner to intermediate skills. The focus during these formative years of training is on traditional classical ballet techniques.  Students improve their understanding of ballet terminology and increase their awareness of anatomy, posture and correct alignment (proper terminology is encouraged). We emphasize musicality, and further develop strength, coordination and flexibility.

Ballet as part of our Pre-Professional Program

Preparatory (Embers) – introduces the formal structured approach to classical ballet training.  The student identifies and demonstrates knowledge of the body as an instrument by refining movement skills and coordination. Students gain a basic understanding of French vocabulary (ballet terms), a simple anatomical awareness as it applies to ballet, and nutritional (“food for fuel”) concepts. Structured body conditioning and flexibility exercises are introduced as well as an expanded knowledge of syllabus exercises. Students continue to explore musical awareness and learn simple elements of variations for performance.

Primary (NuLights) – After successfully demonstrating the required elements to progress to this level, students now focus on expanding their knowledge and perfecting the skills that they have acquired. Students begin a more in-depth exploration of locomotor skills and gain control of posture, alignment, strength, coordination and flexibility. During this progression, students become aware of the long-term goals inherent to classical ballet training. We foster each child’s natural abilities and encourage their continued passion for dance. Progress at this level is rated by an evaluation demonstrated to the Academy faculty at the end of the school year. Because of the age span of this level, it is not unusual for a student to repeat the Primary levels. 

Intermediate (Flames & Luminaries) – Students begin to experience the satisfaction of a more comprehensive knowledge of the Classical Ballet syllabus, and the ability to execute it’s principles. Along with continued progress in their physical development, students enjoy a more detailed curriculum. Students in this level begin to understand a commitment to excellence and the desire to achieve their “personal best”. It is at this stage in a child’s training that we begin to see them emerge as young artists. We continue to build on each student’s natural abilities while emphasizing strength, stamina and technical accomplishment. Girls at this level are carefully evaluated and typically placed en pointe. With support and guidance students progress at a pace tailored to match their individual needs.

Advanced (Novas) – Upon completing the requirements of training and successfully demonstrating appropriate skill level and maturity, students are ready for a more intense and challenging course of study. Female students at this level must show a structural capacity for pointe work and all students must possess ample strength and stamina. All of the classes in our comprehensive curriculum are designed to best provide the skills necessary to pursue a career in dance. We believe in a healthy and nurturing approach to the development of each student. As the level of difficulty increases, so does the passion for the pursuit of excellence. As a result, every student’s advancement through the program is based on their ability rather than their age. Students refine their classical ballet techniques, pointe, Pas de deux, as well as contemporary movement themes. Students become fluent in the French ballet vocabulary and gain an understanding of anatomy and it’s application to dance especially in the prevention of injury.  Students understand and practice healthy nutrition. In addition to a high proficiency in technical skills, students demonstrate a working knowledge of ballet theory, explore musicality, expression and freedom of movement. Students also have the opportunity to test their choreographic ideas in class alongside instructors and may experience assisting as an intern for younger classes. 

Classes Available

Pre-Ballet (Ages 2,3,4,5)

Basic Ballet (Ages 5-7)

Ballet I (Ages 8-10)

Ballet II (Ages 10-13)

Teen Ballet I/II

Teen Ballet III

Open Ballet (Adult Classes)

Pre-Professional Ballet at various levels (See Pre-Professional Program page)

Unique Performance Opportunities

All Young Dancers, as well as Studio Technique & Performance program Ballet classes are invited to perform in our June showcase.  Pre-professional program has several performances throughout the year, including Late Winter/Early Spring show as well as June showcase.

Class Schedule

2018-2019 Academic Year
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