Acro Curriculum

Ages 5 -18+

Tumbling and Acrobatic Gymnastics Classes are offered at beginning, intermediate and advanced levels. Students will learn limbering and power tumbling skills depending on level of conditioning and strength.

Acrobatic Gymnastics (Acro) emphasizes the combined beauty of dance and acrobatics. Acro is fun for students because it is a partner sport requiring athletes of all ages, shapes, and sizes. The combination of dance, tumbling and partner skills make Acro very unique. This sport will enhance the student in many ways including: physical strength, flexibility, agility, balance, and grace, as well as the ability to work with others.

Classes Available

Basic Acro (Ages 5-9 yrs)

Acro/Tumbling (All Ages/Levels)

Class Schedule

2018-2019 Academic Year
  • No Classes.

  • No Classes.