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COVID-19 Updates – Dance Studio Schedule

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UPDATE: 5/20/2020

Hi DDANW Family!


We wanted to express our incredible appreciation and awe for our dancers who are continuing to work hard at improving their skills and preparing for our recital through their Zoom classes. We are so grateful for our families who are continuing to support DDANW during the Stay at Home order. It has not been easy for anyone but we are gearing up to be back in action soon!


We are working hard to make DDANW a shelter for our dancers where they feel safe and protected. That means that there will be a few important changes to expect when dancers return.

A separate email will be sent to each family containing the following documents:

  • Safety guidelines for reopening DDANW
  • A waiver of consent and commitment to the facility reopening policies

As soon as Clark County moves into Phase 2, (application is being submitted this week)
we will be able to have classes with 5 or less dancers in the facility with an instructor. For classes that have more than 5 students, we will be on a rotating schedule during Phase 2 with Zoom sessions still available for those at home when they cannot be in the classroom.

Based on our facility occupancy, we expect (if timelines do not change) that we will be back in the studio for all classes in Phase 3. Due to this time of not being together at the studio with hands-on training, we are definitely behind in getting our dancers prepped and ready for our recital. We will need time in class to get the dancers up to speed with group formations, cleaning routines and having their important choreography and technique questions answered in person with their teachers. This is the magic behind why our performances are always such a joy to experience!

In order to make this happen, we will continue classes to prepare our dancers until our new recital dates (as they are made available to us). Any tuition beyond June will be prorated to include any additional classes.
For example: If we need 2 extra weeks of classes before recital, tuition will only reflect those 2 weeks of classes.


This performance will be one of our most memorable and important gifts that we can give to our dancers and our community after the crisis we have all experienced.
Our original dates were June 19-20…those dates are no longer possible with the 4-Phase plan to reopen performance venues safely. Organizing and continually modifying what we thought was a secured, planned event has become an increasing challenge. Like the rest of the state, we are in a holding pattern of waiting for information to be released. If the 4-Phase plan continues steadily, we are looking at somewhere close to July 15th for our show. (We are also in communication with Washougal School District and alternative venues to arrange for an option that will be safe and still allow for our patrons and dancers to have a meaningful experience regardless of which precautions are deemed necessary at the time of our show).


Recital fee will be processed per family on June 10th, for dancers participating in our show.

Here is how it will break down:

  • 1 Dancer X 1 photo = $17
  • 1 DVD for the family – $25

Total Recital Fee = $42

Families with more than one dancer will be assessed for additional photos.

For Example: A family with 2 dancers:

  • 2 Dancer X 1 photo each = $34
  • 1 DVD for the family = $25

Total Recital Fee = $59

Additional DVD’s will be available for order post-recital. Additional photos can be ordered as well.


As part of our recital fee, we would like to proceed with individual photos for each of our dancers in their choice of performance costume rather than doing class photos. If you would like an additional photo for more than one costume/pose, additional photos can be ordered ahead of time (order form will be sent out with appt. times) so that we can schedule accordingly. We can begin Photo sessions in Phase 2, so we will be scheduling individual appointment times and following the strict criteria for Photography Studios under Phase 2 guidelines. This will help us to keep a peaceful timeline without overwhelming our return to the studio in mid June.


The moment our facility has been secured and our dates/times made sure, we will be selling tickets to the event. Those will be available for purchase on our website.


We have craved certainty during this unprecedented time of global uncertainty. DDANW will continue to provide excellent service and quality instruction to the best of our ability under these trying circumstances.

We ask for your continued support and patience as we wait for concrete information from WA state government and WSD. The moment we receive intelligible info regarding our studio operations and secured recital venue, we will inform our DDANW families! Hopefully sooner than later!

Again, from all US to all of YOU, THANK YOU! We love you and look forward to serving you in our facilities soon!!

Sarah Dayley and the DDANW Staff

UPDATE: 3/23/2020

To All Students & Parents

The following email was sent to All students & parents on 3/23/2020.

Hi DDANW Family!!

We have been working hard around the clock to serve you in the best way possible during the quarantine.

Please click on the link below for a video presentation about resuming our regular class schedule in our new online distance learning format.

DDANW Class Schedule & Distance Learning

You will be receiving an additional email with your login credentials to get started so that dancers can attend their regularly scheduled classes this week LIVE!

We are truly blessed to be able to offer this to our students and families. Stay tuned for updated info as we receive it!

Please remember to check your emails daily and God bless!

Sarah & Mark Dayley and then DDANW staff


UPDATE: 3/15/2020

To All Accelerated Students & Parents

The following email was sent to Accelerated students & parents on 3/15/2020.

Dearest Students,

Our goal for our Accelerated and Company students during this time is to maintain/improve strength and flexibility as well as increase technical skill levels through at home practice, conditioning and in-studio private/small group training.

Starting this week, please watch your emails closely for training videos.

We will send the following pre-recorded videos (Sent once weekly on Regular Class Block Days):

  • PBT – do at least 2-3 times per week (injury prevention, posture, conditioning)
  • TAP
  • Tech & Choreography for Jazz
  • Tech & Choreography for Ballet

We had plans in the works for some small/private training sessions but just tonight, Jay Inslee ordered all recreational facilities in the state to temporarily close.. We will keep you updated as we learn of new information that affects our studio.

We love you all so much and hope you are all safe and well at this time!

Sarah and the DDANW Staff


UPDATE: 3/13/2020

To All Students & Parents

The following email was sent to all students & parents on 3/13/2020.

Dearest DDANW Family,

We recognize the potential for serious consequences if the COVID-19 virus is allowed to continue spreading & putting our most vulnerable at risk. We don’t take this lightly. With careful consideration, we’ve decided to institute a modified class schedule for the next 2 weeks (Starting Monday 3/16) leading up to Spring Break.

After Spring Break, We will make a determination of how best to proceed through April 24th.

We are dedicated to taking the necessary steps and precautions given us by the CDC towards halting the spread of the COVID-19 virus. If you haven’t reviewed the CDC recommendations, please go to:

We are going above & beyond the CDC recommendations at the studio, with disinfecting, discontinuing prop/equipment use & maintaining social distancing in small groups.

Modified Classes –

The following classes will receive AT-HOME class video instruction for the next 2 weeks (sent via email) :

    • Shining Stars
    • Comets
    • Rocketeers
    • Moonwalkers
    • Sparks
    • Ballroom/Partnering
    • Acro
    • Male Technique
    • Musical Theatre
    • Hip Hop

**All students are also eligible for make-up classes upon returning to regularly scheduled classes.

All Accelerated Dancers –

    • Instructional Videos for Labs and Technical Training via email
    • Virtual Classes using Google Hangout – must have a gmail account to access
    • Small Group Instruction (no more than 6 dancers per class)

Please know that there are requirements to meet in order to attend small group sessions. Those requirements will be sent in a separate email to Accelerated students with additional information about how to schedule small group instruction.


As you can imagine, our students are the lifeblood of our organization. DDANW staff members will continue to work for our students either remotely or on-site to perform their duties and develop strategies to help them keep growing and learning through this time.

There are dance institutions all across the country who have been communicating similar challenges as we are now facing. We hope to pull the spirit of our DDANW family together in this very challenging time and ask for your patience, understanding, and support. Although we will not be holding on site classes for every student, our operational expenses will still continue. Loss of incoming tuition would be catastrophic to our non-profit school and quite possibly impossible to recover from. We are optimistic however and ask for your continued support to hold on to our Washougal gem through this turbulent time.

DDANW is committed to continuing to play a proactive role to support and encourage community health, especially for our kids and faculty. Yes, viruses are contagious. But so is fear. We believe it’s important to take precautions and also to remain centered and continue to thrive in all areas of life to maintain purpose and meaning.

With love,

Sarah Dayley
Executive Director

COVID-19 Disinfecting all surfaces