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Ballroom & Partnering Program

Audition for Placement (Dancers are encouraged to bring a partner to secure placement)

The Ballroom/Partnering Program at DDANW, pioneered by award-winning choreographer and instructor, Lynelle Nicholson, is unique to our community on the Columbia Gorge.  With a rich history in musical theater and ballroom/partnering dance, DDANW instructors showcase entertaining and meaningful dances that give the dancer and the audience an experience that is rare and memorable.  For DDANW B/P students, learning to dance with a partner is a skill-set that will carry forward through collegiate, social and professional dance experiences in the future. 


Ages 12+

Ballroom/Partnering Students are placed according to technical skill and strength, including quality of movement and level of control and artistry. Students who attend summer workshops can be more easily placed for the dance season.  Ballroom/Partnering students are contracted with a commitment to a partner for the Sept-June season at the point of registration.  DDANW encourages all male partners who do not take regular technique classes to take the Male Dance Technique and Conditioning class when available. 

Female Partners

  • Leotard (Cotton, non-slip)
  • Shorts or Leggings (Longer length shorts, non-slip)
  • Ballroom Heels (Class-specified color)
  • Hair in a clean bun 
Male Partners

  • Tank or Tee (Solid color, fitted)
  • Stretch-Cotton Pants, or Shorts (Athletic shorts)
  • Ballroom Shoes or Jazz Shoes 
  • No hats in class please

Class Dancewear Packages are available for purchase at DDANW.

Ballroom/Partnering Classes

Academic Season (Sept 3, 2024 - June 21, 2025)


Ballroom/Partnering Ignite (Beg/Int I)